Alfie Darrow and Susan Tamara began collaboration in 1969 with a common goal of creating functional, handmade objects of lasting quality craftsmanship. For 40 years they have produced both original and custom designs, approaching every project as a work of art.

    Living only 2 blocks apart in NYC's Lower East Side, Alfie and Susan never met but had a brief encounter on Avenue A, May 1969. Each had made the decision to move to Woodstock, NY that same month. Alfie, whose career as an independent jewelry designer, leather craftsman, and buckle sculptor for D'naz, a contemporary boutique, led to a partnership, with his friend, Elva Bishop, that summer in A Leather Shoppe on Tinker St., Woodstock, NY. Susan, a hairstylist and custom designer for East Village Boutiques shuch as Chocolate Soup, Wisdom & Folly and Krishna, transferred her base to Woodstock boutiques, Kamalila Loka, Folk Art and Pan Copeland Gallery. There was not a large clientele for hairstyling at that time in Woodstock, beyond an occasional trim.
    Independently entrenched in their new community, Susan and Alfie, were introduced one week after the infamous Woodstock Music Festival. Remembeing their Ave A encounter, they discovered their mutual creative interests. Networking led them to collaboration in work and in life.
    Over the next six years, A Leather Shoppe bcame known for beautifully styled hand-stiched leather clothing, handbags, sandals, and belts with hand sculpted buckles, buttons and closures, developing a diverse clientele of Woodstock residents and visitors. As a local service business, they expanded out to include leather and shoe repair, adding to their reputation for quality craftmanship. A Leather Shoppe closed in 1976 and was re-incarnated as Cobbler's Corner, Alfie continued to make handbags, belts, sandals and metal work along with leather and shoe repair.
    On the opposite end of Tinker St., Leather and Lace Gallery opened spring of 1977. LA Tamara, Susan Tamara, Karen Frimmer and Augenija Fortuna, in response to a failing economy and plummeting job market (sound familiar?), pooled their talents and creativity to design one of a kind and limited production clothing and accessories (alterations were done to supplement income) in a combination workshop/showroom. Eventually, Cobbler's Corner and Leather and Lace Gallery merged, closing to retail in 1985. Susan Tamara and Alfie Darrow continued designing and creating for other local retail stores.
    In recent years, they've expanded to include custom upholstery, pillows and window treatments, created with the same attention to detail as their clothing and accessories. Now they have decided to bring emphasis back to their true crafts. Alfie is creating new jewelry and metal works to complement leather belts, handbags and garments. Susan is continuing to design for bridal and special occasions as well as her signature jackets, coats and ensembles.
    Attempts to rename the business were futile, Leather and Lace Gallery had become their designation.

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